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atramateria (at) strangealchemy (dot) net

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All non-fandom content, and all original characters, locations, or objects created for the purpose of enhancing fandom projects, are the property of Atra Materia / The Dark Material and Strange Alchemy. Specific instructions for the use of these properties can be found in the associated subsites, but in general, I would prefer that permission be asked before items are archived elsewhere. Most of the time - particularly with fandom projects - I'm happy to work something out, as long as credit is given. Requests and comments should be sent to atramateria (at) strangealchemy (dot) net.

All fandom-related content, including but not limited to characters, locations, and objects, is the property of its original creator(s). Such content is intended only for personal enjoyment, and no profit is produced from these areas of the site.

Previously, I wrote under the name Scarlet Seraph, and may still be listed as such on social sites that restrict name changes or on personal sites, maintained by someone other than myself, over which I have no control. It's still me, either way!

|| link policy

I am happy to have Strange Alchemy linked to by maintainers of similar personal webpages or other sites that are fandom-friendly. I would prefer not to be included in linklists that have no relation to the subject matter(s) found here, that are collected purely for purposes of producing revenue for an outside party, or where the inclusion suggests that I may support objectionable viewpoints or offensive material. While this is another area over which I have little to no control, please know that if you have seen a link to Strange Alchemy on such sites, it was placed there without my knowledge or permission!

Any graphics used for the purpose of linking should be saved and uploaded to your own server. You're more than welcome to drop me a note and let me know where I've been linked from!

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